Seasonal Friend

by Stuck on Yellow

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Rough copies of songs wrote in April - May of 2016.


released May 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Stuck on Yellow Queens, New York

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Track Name: Out West
Meet me out west
So we can continue
What we sought after
When we were kids
The water seems so calm
This year in time
As the ships sets sail and the sun fades out I hear your obligations cry
Track Name: Time Waster
Wasting time
A shitty hobby of mine
I should be holding the paper
Instead I'm holding a beer
With my friends
Getting drunk in a bar again
A degree was so important when I cared

But I know I need a lifestyle change
But it's so hard with the influence around me
But I know it's safe to say these things
But shit won't get done unless I act upon my words

I don't know what I want to do with my life
Years keep passing and I haven't decided
I stay up late and think about it
Track Name: Plagiarizing Poets
Since ambition fled the way out
Somehow you've crept away from my arms
A fixture in my mind
Kept me preoccupied
Now we stand aside as just you and I
I keep plagiarizing poets
Praying someone would fall for it
With the same tenacity as I did at eighteen
I believe that you'd still be with me
Track Name: May
May a month of spring
Flowers and trees
Mesmerizing me
And those eyes almond eyes
Causing wayward tendencies
Filtering the seems
Locked up in disarray
Retrace the same mistake
Focus on focusing
Obliging your request always turns to a mess
Do you notice me?
I'll know when you'll change your mind
So I'll wait till it turns July
In May, you say these things
Blame the weather change
It's not the same
Track Name: Batsto (Into It. Over It. Cover)
Remembering the year that you were gone
A series of decisions
Unhealthy living
Writing novels in monitored time
Cold pavement under static sky
Gaining patience but losing sight
We wrote off our problems as better times
Hey you couldn't tell the stories anyway

In a battle with New England of who knows you best
A mediocre vote of confidence
But that poor boy won't know what hit him
If and when you tell commitment to take a hike
It's the same old story
So help me if I try to make an honest effort this time
Hey you couldn't tell the stories anyway